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A new program for Sacramental preparation.
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Are You Too Busy To Minister To Married Couples?...
As a pastor, member of a parish staff or concerned parishoner, you are part of a small, but select group of people who are engaged in one of the most important tasks of the Church today---helping couples improve their marriages. It is a difficult job because much of society is working against permanant, Christ-centered marriages. The Covenant Experience has been developed to help you in this task.

"Effective ministry to married couples is one of the greatest needs of the Church today. Society is doing all that it can to tear apart the domestic church; that is, the cradle of love and evangelization." 
Agustin A. Roman, D.D., Auxiliary Bishop, Archdiocese of Miami
A Message From The Authors:
The Covenant Experience Mission...
We are Bob and Irene Tomonto, the parents of five children and the grandparents of sixteen. We have been married for over 45 years and most of that time has been spent in ministry to marriages and families. Through the years we have seen marriage change from traditional, stable family units to the mega-mix of family forms of today. We had long felt that a parish-based weekend for couples followed by extended support-group meetings was needed.
When Bishop Agustin Roman, of the Archdiocese of Miami, challenged us to "do something" to help marriages, we were encouraged to act on our conviction. With the help of Myrna Gallagher, who had created a successful weekend for women called the
Emmaus Weekend
, The Covenant Experience was born. We feel that it provides an opportunity for a couple to grow in self-awareness, plus enjoy the continuity and community within a parish, necessary to sustain a strong Christ-centered marriage.
Bob and Irene Tomonto have developed The Covenant Experience based on many years of experience working with couples to improve marriages. They concluded that a new type of experience was needed to cope with marriage's complex pressures.
Covenant News Roundup
According to a recent study by the Center for Marriage and Family at Creighton University...

"Balancing job and family, frequency of sexual relations, and debt brought into marriage were the 3 most problematic areas during the first five years of marriage."

"A higher percentage of parents (20%) than non-parents (9.3%) scored in the distressed range."

"Over half (54.6%) of the  participants had cohabitated with their spouse prior to marriage."

"Since 1960 the divorce rate has doubled, and the raw number of divorces has tripled to over one million per year."

"Divorce in one generation increases the liklihood of divorce in the next."
THE COVENANT EXPERIENCE    Copyright 2001, Bob and Irene Tomonto. All rights reserved.
We have been very pleased to see how effective The Covenant Experience has been when conducted in either English or Spanish. Over 95% of the participants' marriages have been changed in a positive manner. In some cases the changes have been improvements in already good marriages. In others, the changes have been major. For one wife, the weekend was the first time her husband told her that he loved her in over forty years of marriage.

The continuing studies of divorce rates and the impact of divorce on children motivates us to ask everyone to think about sponsoring a weekend in their parish. The Facilitator's Manual should be all that is required to train your first team, however, we are available to present workshops and mini-training sessions for potential teams if desired.

Please call or e-mail us if you're interested.

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