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Based On The Covenant Experience...
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The Covenant Experience
For Convalidations.
The Covenant Experience for Convalidations uses the first 7 steps of the 11 step process.

One of the most pleasant moments in pastoral ministry is having a couple come to you and request that their civil marriage be blessed in the church. Frequently, we are so excited that the couple wants their marriage convalidated that we forget that this is a special time when they are open to instruction on the meaning of the sacrament that they are about to receive.

The Engaged Encounter and other preparation programs are not appropriate for individuals who have been married for several years. A different approach is needed. The Covenant Experience method has been modified to meet this need.

Entitled "The Covenant Experience for Convalidations," it has been adapted from the highly successful Covenant Experience Weekend, and tested within the Archdiocese of Miami.

There are several formats for this program...

1. Individual parishes or groups of parishes can conduct a Covenant
   Experience for Convalidations whenever there is a minimum
   number of couples willing to participate. Some parishes follow
   this up with a common wedding and a pot-luck reception
   in the parish hall.

2. The diocese can program a number of weekends throughout the
   area to which couples can be referred by individual parishes. This
   approach has been followed successfully by the Archdiocese of

Typical Program Format
This is a "sleep-at-home" event, beginning on Friday evening from 7:00PM to 10:00PM and resuming on Saturday from 8:30AM until 5:00PM.