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The 11 Steps...
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The 11 Steps Of The Covenant Experience
Why This Ministry
Is So Important For...

Couples Seeking Convalidation New!
A new program for Sacramental preparation.
How To Bring This Experience To
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A Parish-Based Ministry
The Covenant Experience
Why This Ministry Is So Important Today.
The Covenant Experience provides a unique pastoral tool to minister to the married couples of your parish for a number of reasons. It's time you formed a team for your parish. Here's why...

Parish-Based Management
The program is designed to be parish based and parish managed. The team of five couples and a staff member, is chosen from the parish by the pastor or his delegate. The weekend can be held as often or as seldom as deemed necessary to meet the needs of the parish. Most parishes hold a minimum of one weekend a year.

Parish Support
The use of a parish team and parish facilities helps couples identify more fully with the local church and provides the support community required for the follow-up. Couples become enthusiastic members of the parish.

The costs are minimal and determined by the parish. This potentially makes The Covenant Experience available to all couples in the worshipping community.

The Covenant Experience Model
The format for The Covenant Experience can be modified and adapted to unique marriage situations. If your parish needs a newly-wed ministry, use a team of couples wed less than five years. If your parish needs a weekend for marriages in serious trouble, ask a trained psychologist to join your team.
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The Covenant Experience
It's Importance To...

All Married Couples
The Covenant Experience is an excellent general marriage enrichment program. Couples with good marriages will find ways to make their marriages better---couples who may have problems will find that the experience gives them the opportunity to make a breakthrough in improving their relationship. If they have children, it is easier to get someone to "watch the kids" since their parents will return home to sleep each evening.

Newly Married Couples
Many who marry in the Church are not seen again until the time for sacramental preparation of their children. They also have the special problem of having grown up in a divorce culture. This is a group that is frequently lost to the church.

Couples With Serious Problems
The program can be constructed to minister to those couples with major problems before their relationship is irrevocably broken. The only prerequisites are that the couple wants to save their marriage and is willing to dialogue about the problems that exist. The Covenant Experience is a "win-win" strategy for the parish staff and the couples who participate. It provides a way for the parish staff to minister to this important part of the parish community, and it helps couples learn how to make their marriages better.