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The 11 Steps...
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A new Archdiocesan program for Sacramental preparation.
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A Parish-Based Ministry

The Authors

Reaction To The Covenant Experience...
What Attendees Have Said...
"I learned that my husband and I cannot do it alone. God is the most willing and able partner in our marriage..."

"How important prayer is to living a life together with God..."

"God is loving me through my husband..."

"I learned how to rekindle the flame of our marriage..."

"I learned that married love must be unconditional..."

"How to give up the self-importance I surround myself with..."

"To see everything through Jesus as a filter..."

"I learned the importance of listening and not just hearing my spouse..."

"The need for my husband and I to spend more time together..."

"We felt we had a good marriage but God was missing. We have felt God on this weekend..."

"We learned that Jesus is a partner in our marriage and His love is unconditional..."

"We learned we need more prayer time as a couple..."

"It helped me to 'slow down,' reflect, and think about changing the rut we've gotten into..."

* 94% of
  singles want their
  spouse to be a soul
  mate first and
* Only 42% of singles
  think it's important
  to find a spouse of
  the same religious
THE COVENANT EXPERIENCE     Copyright 2001, Bob and Irene Tomonto. All rights reserved.