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A new program for Sacramental preparation.
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A Parish-Based Ministry
How The Covenant Experience Works...
* 94% of
  singles want their
  spouse to be a soul
  mate first and
* Only 42% of singles
  think it's important
  to find a spouse of
  the same religious
THE COVENANT EXPERIENCE     Copyright 2001, Bob and Irene Tomonto. All rights reserved.
The Covenant Experience is designed for all married couples willing to work together to improve their marriage. Along the way, couples use the participant's guide as a workbook, taking the Marital Inventory to determine areas that need improvement. They write a journal about Jesus in their married life and in their family of origin. Couples learn the 12 Principles for Creative Conflicts, the 8 steps toward improved communication, and the 14 characteristics of happily married couples, and there is ample time given to prayer, song, and reflection. Couples who have major problems will find that the experience will give them the opportunity to make a breakthrough in improving their relationship.

Couples with "good" marriages will find ways to make their marriages better.

The Covenant Experience Is A Parish Event.
This program can be used by couples on their own, but is best as part of a parish group experience. The supporting Facilitator's Guide gives team leaders all the behind-the-scenes" information necessary to organize, promote and lead groups of couples through the process. Anyone who has done even minimal ministry can pick this up and form a group.

In a typical parish, the couples who respond will vary from those newly married to those about to celebrate their golden anniversary. The average couple will have been married about fifteen years and have three or more children. Ten to twenty percent of the marriages will have at least one spouse who is in a second marriage.

The Facilitator's Guide
With the help of this Facilitator's Guide, the team learns how to secure meeting facilities, schedule and plan the meetings, and even how to publicize the program. The facilitators are guided through the initial meeting, the "ice breakers" and introductions; the laying out of objectives; and the guiding of the couples through the 11 steps they will traverse. Everything is included to help a parish train their own team and run a Covenant Weekend.
Facilitator's Guide