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A new program for Sacramental preparation.
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"The program is readable, doable, and complete, and offers the church an important new resource for strengthening marriages."

"The Covenant Experience is obviously a labor of love from a team that brings both a depth of experience in Christian marriage and spirituality to the task."
Carol A. Farrell
Director of Family Life, Archdiocese of Miami

"The Covenant Experience is an innovative parish program designed to be presented by lay couples and parish staff. This exciting weekend experience will strengthen marriages, build community, and encourage outreach. It is an excellent way for parishes to respond to the U.S. Bishop's "Follow the Way of Love" Pastoral Message."
Gary and Kay Aitchison
Executive Directors, Christian Family Movement

"The Covenant Experience is an effective parish-based program to assist married couples to concentrate on the covenantal, sacramental relationship that they share using the latest psychological tools. The authors bring many years of practical experience working with couples in a parish setting to this work. They have produced an effective, practical program that will be useful for pastors, deacons, religious educators, and parish marriage ministers."
Agustin A. Roman, D.D.,
Auxiliary Bishop of Miami

"As parish leaders, we are constantly looking for programs that will equip married couples with tools to build lasting relationships. The Covenant Experience with its solid spiritual base and clear and concise leader's manual helps form an effective team.

The commitment to marriage and family has been greatly enhanced for the more than thirty couples in our parish that have used The Covenant Experience, developed by Bob and Irene Tomonto. The team of couples that have shared in The Covenant Experience became aware of the need for ongoing support. We are proud that after two weekends and 30 couples later, 16 couples are involved in monthly small groups. We're batting more than 500 and planning for our third
Experiencing The Covenant
Evelyn M. Blaha
Parish Coordinator of Religious Education
Deacon Daniel Blaha
Parish Associate & Coordinator of Adult Education
Blessed Trinity Parish, Miami Springs, FL

"Dioceses and parishes in the United States, generally have excellent pre-nuptial programs. The high rate of divorces in this country and the breakup of so many marriages after but a few years cannot, therefore, be traced back to a lack of Church preparation. But we do not have similar post-nuptial programs. The Covenant Experience is a creative attempt to remedy that situation. It deserves consideration by clergy and diocesan officials as a way of sustaining and strengthening marriages."
Rev. Joseph M. Champlin
Pastor, St. Joseph Parish, Camillus, New York
Author of Should We Marry? and Together For Life.

"Want to help in cutting down on annulments and divorce counseling in your Parish? Are you looking for ways to cement marriage vows by helping couples grow in romance and intimacy? Give them a life saver---give them The Covenant Experience. It's the answer to a pastor's prayer, not only for what The Covenant Experience does, but for the continual couple-to-couple support which goes on long after the program has ended."
Rev. David Russell
St. John Neumann Parish, Miami FL
* 94% of
  singles want their
  spouse to be a soul
  mate first and
* Only 42% of singles
  think it's important
  to find a spouse of
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THE COVENANT EXPERIENCE     Copyright 2001, Bob and Irene Tomonto. All rights reserved.