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A new program for Sacramental preparation.
How To Bring This Experience To
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A Parish-Based Ministry
How To Bring The Covenant Experience To Your Community...
Selecting A Covenant Experience Team.
The first time the Covenant Experience is conducted in a parish, the pastor or his delegate should select the team. A possible criteria for selecting individuals should be their willingness to work with other married couples and honesty share the experiences of their own marriages.

The team is typically composed of the following persons, who make presentations to attending couples...
   * A coordinating couple
   * Four additional couples
   * A staff member
     (priest/minister, deacon, director of religious education, etc.)

Plus a support group including:
   * A Registration couple
   * A Hospitality couple

* 94% of
  singles want their
  spouse to be a soul
  mate first and
* Only 42% of singles
  think it's important
  to find a spouse of
  the same religious
THE COVENANT EXPERIENCE     Copyright 2001, Bob and Irene Tomonto. All rights reserved.
Scheduling The Weekend.
A suggested schedule for the weekend is presented in the Facilitator's Guide. For weekends held in a Roman Catholic parish, it is desirable to have two priests available to administer the Sacrament of Reconciliation on Saturday afternoon, after the fifth session. One of these could be the priest who normally hears confession for the parish at this time. The preliminary schedule shows a private Mass or worship service for the participants on Saturday afternoon. If this is not possible, the participants could attend the parish liturgy held on Saturday as a group. This would provide an opportunity for the presider of the parish liturgy to acknowledge the participants' presence and request prayers for the success of the Covenant Experience.

An alternate schedule for the weekend is possible. This involves ending the Friday evening session with the couples discussing the Rules for Dialogue followed by an Agape instead of the Evening Prayer. The Marital Inventory process (a cornerstone activity of the weekend) would then be scheduled first thing on Saturday morning after the
opening prayer. The remainder of the Saturday
program would be shifted back one hour.
This allows the team to build more community
Friday evening before tackling the Marital
Inventory (which can be a little threatening
to some couples).